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When Adam and Eve met each other for the first time, it was love at first sight. They instantly became a power couple. How they met became one of the greatest love stories ever told. They were made for each other. God put them together and put them in the best position to succeed. But temptation stepped in and seduced them. They ended up cheating on each other, causing their relationship to go from heaven to hell. They blew an opportunity to start something great and changed their lives forever. It destroyed their family. They were never the same. What was supposed to be an easier life became harder.

We all can learn from them. Their story connected with me this morning because it made me reflect on the opportunities I blew in my own life. I thought about the many times God made it easy to succeed, and I blew it cheating. I was supposed to be honoring my commitment to what I was doing, but my lust drew me away from the numerous opportunities he put in front of me. I reflected on one of them, and I got a revelation. After failing in class last year, I started to run away from school. I began to hide because the failure intimidated me. Similar to how Adam and Eve hid from God. I took a month off of school to get away. As soon resumed, I had to take the class over. At that moment, I realized I had a second chance to succeed. God gave me another opportunity even after I failed the first time. I took advantage of that opportunity by approaching the class with a different mindset.

Adam and Eve blew an opportunity for them, you and I. We were never supposed to die, But they opened that door. We have struggles now because of their mistake. But they got an opportunity to live and make it right. You may be reading this reflecting on the failed opportunities in your own life. You may want to hide because you're thinking about the should have's, could have's, and would have's. I can relate to you feeling down on yourself about that. But you have another opportunity to say "I'm sorry", get right with God, learn from your mistakes, and redo other things. You blew it, but you still have a life to live. You still have a chance to make something out of yourself. You still have a chance to get to heaven. I encourage you to embrace the opportunity and run with it. God still wants to do some amazing things in your life.

Prayer | Father; Help us to forgive ourselves for our own failures. Help us embrace the second chance you have given us; Help us see that our disappointments still have appointments; Help us see they're worth it for our purpose. In Jesus' Name, I pray, Amen


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