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I woke up this morning to shocking news about last night's academy awards.Comedian "Chris Rock" made a very distasteful joke about 'Will Smith"s wife "Jada Pinkette Smith", and he paid a hefty price for it. Jada suffers from alopecia. A condition that has made her lose her hair. Either Chris Rock didn't get the memo, or he didn't care about a joke he made about the actress. Will Smith decided to teach him a lesson by casually walking up and slapping him. He also told him to keep his wife's name out of his mouth. There‘s a mixed reaction to his response. But I have to ask, do comedians have to insult people to win.

As I watched the clip this morning, I put myself in his shoes. Imagine knowing your wife suffers from a medical condition. You've seen her in vulnerable moments having numerous breakdowns. As a man myself "I probably would have been angry too" . If he sat there and let Chris joke about his wife's pain, he would not be a man. This situation highlights a bigger issue. Black Comedians in particular feel they have to be disrespectful to be funny. Look at the clip below Sherman Klump getting roasted i the nutty

This is nothing new. Being disrespectful is a huge part comedy, especially in black culture.

I can't recall a time when roasting someone wasn't apart of a black comedian's act. Even I was apart of the crowd laughing at times. In our community, people being disrespected is considered funny. We would laugh uncontrollably when we see comedians call out audience members and clown them. I have seen comedians joke about drug addicts and other issues over the years. It's really a serious problem. The people you crack on will laugh at a joke in front of you, and cry about it later. I can only speak about this because I have been on the receiving end of getting roasted. It's not a good feeling. It hurts more than you think

I am not saying that Chris Rock should've been slapped. But words hurt and you can see that when you look into smith's eyes. He's been dealing with being clowned in public for the last few years. There's only so much roasting a man can take. I hope this will be a learning experience for comics. I love to laugh until my stomach hurts. But not at the expense of other people. You don't have to be disrespectful to be funny.


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