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During my lunch break, I had a conversation with a mother who found out her daughter was pregnant today. The deep concern in her tone indicated she wasn’t thrilled about the news due to the circumstances. She had concerns that any parent would have for their child in a similar situation. She knew there would be challenges that her daughter would have to face. The normal parental challenges were the least of her concerns. It was the pet snake in the family that she was more concerned about. She fears it’s threat to the child's future. I thought it was all in her head because she made it clear that she was terrified of snakes. But a few experiences may have validated her claims that snakes are a threat to babies in the womb.

Her daughter has been living with her boyfriend and his family. They have had a pet boa python since he was a kid. She said the snake did something odd two weeks before she discovered she was pregnant. They were playing with it and it hissed at her. She was surprised by it’s odd behavior. But his mom was not shocked at all. According to her, The snake acted strange before when she was pregnant, During her pregnancy, It somehow slithered out of the garage and camped out under her bed for the night. It did not come out until she got out of the bed. These experiences made her argument more convincing. I was not ready for what I was about to hear next. But it validated her claim even more.

She began to tell me about her personal experience with snakes while she was pregnant and it blew me away. She said she walked into a pet store while pregnant, and the snakes went wild. She heard them hitting the glass of their holding structure from across the room. They were so aggressive the store owner started searching for a pregnant woman in the store. Once he got to her, he told her she had to go outside. This is the first time I heard of this. I asked a few nurses at my job, and I even asked my mom. None of them heard of a case like this. But maybe you have. What do you think? Share your comments below…


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