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Updated: Jan 16

An Ohio woman woke up thanking God for his grace, his love, and his divine protection today. As I drove her to the airport, she told me along the way that she was running for her life on Hollywood beach the previous day. An encounter with a stranger, almost led her to destruction. He chased her down the boardwalk, trying to attempt an abduction. But she was able to run away and tell her testimony. Here's how it went down.

It was a sunny day on the boardwalk. She was approached by a guy. They connected quickly, as time was passing by. She started to smoke a blunt, then he asked her to share. She let him take a hit. She was completely unaware. That he would lace it, with a substance at the tip. He gave it back, she inhaled. Then felt her consciousness start to slip. It happened so fast, she was quickly going down. She looked up at him, and he looked back with a smile.

She knew she was drugged. She had no time to waste. She started to run toward her hotel. She noticed she was being chased. As fear settled in, she kept running in distress. She saw him behind her, appearing to send someone a text. She finally reached the hotel, she got to her room and grabbed a knife. Just in case he came in, she was ready to fight. He never came in the door. She's thankful she survived. She knows God's protection kept her alive.

When we arrived to the airport. I asked if it was okay to share. She told me "Yes, please do, I want other people to be aware". I pray you'd be sober, and vigilant, and you'd watch as well as pray. I pray that God's protection will keep you out of harms way. ✝️❤️🙏🙌


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