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Everyone gets to that fork in the road where they have to stop and ask themselves ‘Is this the will of God”. I am at that fork right now wondering. I did not want to hear a sermon, I did not want to hear a song. I wanted to hear a message directly from his word for myself to make it as plain and clear as possible. Upon reading the word of God. I found the answer to this question. I had to start with some of the legendary men of God to get an answer. There were no greater examples to choose from than Jesus, Noah, David, and Moses.

Key #1 The intent of their mission was never just about them. God used them to establish a legacy that will help people trust him more than trusting themselves. God used them to slay giants, Used them to answer a prayer, Used them to set captives free, and used them to provide safety. The will of God will always give a safe place to others, It will always set captives free, and It will always be an answered prayer.

Key #2: The will of God will always reveal that you need him to complete the task. It’s often something that you have little to no knowledge about. Something that you can’t complete while leaning on your understanding. The legendary men I named above all starred in their version of ‘Mission Impossible. They could not lean on their understanding to complete the task.

Key #3: The will of God always requires God’s strength and wisdom to complete. They were all told to do something that they had had never done before. Something that challenged their imperfections, Challenged their insecurities, and challenged their weaknesses. The mission required them all to let God strengthen them in areas that they knew they were weak in. It required them to allow God to give them security for every insecurity.

Key #4: They all experienced resistance while completing the task. Satan is going to challenge the will of God. He will throw everything at you to make you doubt what you are doing. But God will always remind you that you are where you’re supposed to be. When all these men had doubts, God always intervened to reassure them that he put them where they were. I can say this from experience.

A job opportunity opened up for me and I was scared to chase it because I am not good at interviews. I get uncomfortable in that setting. Two other candidates won the position. After my disastrous interview, I started convincing myself that I did not want it anymore because I feared the interview process. I started to doubt myself. But God reminded me that I was supposed to get this promotion. A few weeks later, another position opened up and I was moved to that promotion without being interviewed. I have held the position for almost a month now. I am telling you this to tell you about Key #5. The will of God is unstoppable.

Satan can’t stop the will of God for your life. Only you can stop it by giving up. If you’re facing various trials, count it all joy. You are right where God wants you to be. Stand firm, it will eventually come into fruition just like it did for me. It’s not just a position that can help me. But it can also help the community. It can help people see

that God is faithful. So far it has strengthened

me in areas where I was weak. Satan threw everything at me to give up pursuing this. But God reminded me that he wanted me there when he placed me in the current position. When it’s God’s will to have or do something, don’t give up when satan throws opposition at it. He wants you to doubt what God said.

You rejoice when you fall into numerous temptations because that’s a sign that you are in God’s will. Stay put and see the salvation of the lord.


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