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I started driving for Uber part-time over four years ago. Most of my rides went on without incident. But in my 4,192 trips, I have had my share of what I call ride share adventures every now and then. One more morning during rush hour, I accepted a request from a rider. Upon arrival, the thought never crossed my mind that this rider would try to use me as a getaway driver. Words can't explain how traumatic this was for me at the time.

But God was with me. Had it not been for his protection, I wouldn't be able to testify about this situation. Now that I think about it in retrospect, I can laugh at the incident because as crazy as it seemed. You would probably find it hilarious. Upon arrival, he came running to my car. After we started the trip, he asked me to stop at the building next door, so he could get his stuff. I granted his request not knowing he was about to get his items from a bush nearby. As he walked back to the car I started to brace myself for an interesting ride. I did not expect what happened next.

I normally transport riders with the windows up, but the swell of sweat from him permeated all over the car. So I had to roll all of the windows down to clear the air. We stopped at a red light, and I hear someone in the car next to me say "Your a#* is going to jail, Give me all the stuff you stole out of my store. As fear consumed me, I realized it was the manager from a nearby Walmart. Apparently, the rider stole merchandise out of his store prior to the rideshare request. He respectfully gave him back the items and what he did next totally shocked me.

After he returned the stolen items, he had the audacity to ask me if I can continue the ride. I boldly told him "Absolutely Not" and pulled off. This was an attempt that could have put me in danger. But God intervened. It proves that when the enemy has plans to destroy you, God won't allow it to happen. I am grateful for his protection, and I pray that he will protect you the same way as you proceed to go on with your daily life.


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