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Updated: Jun 7

One day a fertilization process started. A sperm cell united with an egg and they traveled togetter to the uterus and you were implanted. Nearly 6 weeks later your heart started to beat and It never stopped. It pumped blood through your veins while collecting endless stories to tell. You know those stories more than anyone else. You know the times when you sliced a piece of it gave it to people that threw it in the trash. On my quest to manage my stress I had to consider those times. I had to dig deep to find out how stress crept in. I had to come to a place of But it place of reflection, to find some direction. I can look at every heart breaking situation and come to one conclusion. I was negligent with my own heart. I trusted people too many times to guard it. The Bible warns is to “Guard our Heart” in proverbs chapter 4. Most of us fail to do that due to our desire to be loved. We fear rejection so much we settle. I often end up learning this lesson the hard way over and over again. One recent experience gave me a revelation that I will never forget. In the midst of my hurt I heard a still small voice within tell me to “Stop breaking your heart”. I have not been the same ever since. You can’t depend on someone else to guard your heart. That’s your responsibility, That’s your job. Every piece of your heart give away can be abused and thrown away, So proceed with caution. Put your heart under lock and key, and don’t give away a single peace of it

until you’re confident the recipient is capable of handling it with care.

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