Updated: Jul 17

There are 2.5 million people robbed annually in the United States. This year I almost became one of them. I’m still a little shaken up by the incident. But I am extremely grateful. It makes me angry that thieves believe that stealing from hard workers is a job. I despise everything they stand for. Fortunately for me, I survived their robbery attempt. God gave me wisdom to help me get through. I am writing this to share that wisdom with you. ‼️Beware‼️

Research data say’s that 24 to 36 million people use cash app. I can confidently tell you that statistic will now include one less person. It's also very likely it will decrease after you read about my experience this past weekend. A security breach has forced me off of their platform. It all started when I checked my email on Saturday. I noticed there were four declined payments alerts from Wells Fargo. The thief tried to take 200.00 in their first 2 attempts. I assume they thought I didn't have the money available. So they attempted to take 100.00 in their next two attempts. Fortunately locking my card earlier that day blocked their attempts. I’m grateful they were successfully blocked, but I have a few questions that remains unanswered. How did the thieves get my card info to do that, and how were they able to attach that card info to a second cash app profile no resistance from their platform.

I began to retrace my steps. Earlier that day I used the card at a local McDonald's. I suspected the cashier took a picture of my card information. I hope I am wrong, but I discovered that this is not uncommon. Numerous fast food employees have been arrested for taking pictures of debit cards at in various states. So it's not unlikely. I ordered a new card. I am currently waiting on a response from the mcdonald's manager to see if I was a victim. I contacted cash app about this as well. they have yet to respond. But God definitely protects. Im grateful for his intervention. I know so many people that use cash app. If you are one of them please beware. Please be careful out there. Lock your cards daily.


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