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I just had to call a friend to apologize to them for giving them detrimental advice. A few days ago, During a conversation with her, she expressed extreme frustration about going above and beyond for her young adult kids. In addition to that, she had an issue with doing that for their significant other. She felt like she was being taken advantage of. I remember telling her she was being too nice. It‘s advice that I wish I never gave. I will never give it again. The Bible says to treat people how you want to be treated, Not treat people how they treat you.

Jesus dying on the cross is the perfect example of going above and beyond to show someone that he cared for them. The world has demonized the character of God so much, you can't show loving-kindness without feeling bad about it. You have to deal with people calling you extra, or saying 'You're doing too much". When in reality, you are doing what

God put in your heart to do. The people who keep complaining about it are just too bitter to comprehend it. They want you to be bitter like them. The recipient may take advantage of you. But we all take advantage of God’s loving-kindness every day and he still shows grace.

In conclusion, Don't feel bad about what you've done for anyone. Don't regret it, and don't let anyone tell you that you did wrong by trying to treat people the way you want to be treated. Please learn from my mistake. I was so bitter about my failed experiences, I tried to tell her that showing loving-kindness was wrong. But God rebuked me about that today. It's God's character to go above and beyond to show us loving-kindness. He sent Jesus to be the perfect example of that. His actions indicated that showing people love is not about you. It's about giving people an opportunity to experience heaven by showing people who God is. They may not show it back to you. But you still give them the same grace, and love that God gives you. You're not being too nice to anyone. People are just too bitter to comprehend.


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