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Everyone reaches that point in their life where satan tries to take advantage of their vulnerability. The man you are about to read about was at one of his weakest moments. While feeling depleted, defeated, and filled with despair. Satan tried to challenge him. But Jesus was there to help him avoid seeing defeat. Now he lives to tell his testimony.

It was just another day on the job. A kid at work got hurt during playtime. He had to call a parent because their child was in pain. At the time, Calling on his personal phone was the only option. He made the call and explained what happened to his mom. He never expected that call to start a wave of attempts to make him apart of her family. She went on a mission.

Things went left when she texted" So you only called me about the kids?". "Um..Yes, he replied. "My kids love you" she said, they talk about you all the time". He felt honored knowing, He had an impact on their life. But she thought that it meant something else "I hear Boaz when I see you" she said. God showed me, and I believe. When I close my eyes I see you". I said "That means it's all a dream". "You're the mate for my soul, God showed me." she said. Realizing her delusion, he set boundaries to deal with her. But she was persistent.

After realizing she won't be successful, she approached him a different way to win him over. She started to use the kids to get his attention.The kids started to act differently. Their unsual behavior forced him to speak with her more often about them during pickup. Every time he approached her, she'd use the conversation as as an opportunity to flirt with him. "Well can we just be friends" she asked him. He continued to block those efforts. He continued to remain professional. But their next encounter forced him to slam the door in her face once and for all. He realized she was on journey to a fantasy. So he had to re direct her to reality.

He was on break eating, and her son was brought into his office after a fight. Upon arrival, he overheard him on the phone with a woman. He got off the phone to deal with the issue. He had to notify her about the fight when she picked him up. The attempt to speak with her was met with more flirty comments. At this point it was the norm. It was no longer a surprise. He just remained professional, but that was not enough for her. This time she crossed the line.

She left with her kids and texted him later that day about being on the phone with another woman. He was understandably upset. This was the moment where he really had to put her in her place. "What does that have to do with you" he replied. She went on to say that she as territorial. At that point he had enough of her. "We had this conversation before, I try to stay professional with you, but you always flirt with me. Stop pushing up on me" he said. She replied as if she was the victim and requested him to stop texting her. He honored her request and proceeded to go about his day. She in return took the kids out of camp.

Thank God he had the strength to resist. When you are at your weakest moments, satan will always send temptation your way. He is out there roaming for who he may devour. So stay strong and courageous in these evil days and times. I pray that my testimony inspires you to be ready for the fight to come. God Bless You. Please feel free to share if it inspired you.


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