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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Upon reading the scriptures today I recognized that Jesus faced a very common scenario that many people face every day. It surprised me when I discovered the trial he faced because I read Matthew 4:7 for years and I never realized this until today. Upon reading the passage. It dawned on me that Satan tried to persuade Jesus to commit suicide before he started his destiny. Fortunately, Jesus refused. But this says a lot about how persuasive satan is when it comes to suicide. The passage reveals something so powerful while it also reveals one of the tools Satan uses to entrap you. He used a little bit of truth in the Bible, to tell a humongous lie to Jesus. If Jesus didn’t know the word for himself, he would have been manipulated into a suicide attempt.

Using the word to manipulate reveals the persuasive power of the enemy. It confirms that he is the great deceiver. This tactic proves that he will use the truth to draw you into a lie. That’s the pattern he uses to pull you into his web of deception. So be mindful that he will even use Christians to detour you from your purpose and your destiny. You have to stay on your toes when he throws the truth at you. Listen to what he says after he mentions the truth. The passage also proves that Satan can’t kill you if you are dead to the flesh. He and Jesus were at the highest point in the city. Satan could have easily pushed him instead of asking him to jump. But Instead of pushing him, he used the word to tell Jesus to jump to commit suicide. This passage proved 2 things. It proved the protection that fasting and praying have to offer. Jesus crucified the flesh. He was dead to this world but alive in the spirit, so Satan couldn’t kill him. His only option was to try to persuade Jesus to kill himself. But Jesus knew his purpose and he rejected that offer.

Satan knew who and what Jesus was capable of, But If Jesus didn’t know, he would not have been able to counteract the plans of the enemy. Jesus killing the flesh was vital, because it helped him fight off the lies Satan was throwing. This is why you have to kill the flesh daily. You can’t take a chance empowering the flesh because Satan is trying to kill your purpose every day by feeding you his lies through the airwaves and people that he controls. He will even use Christians who will use the word of God to try to lie to you like he did Jesus in Matthew 4:7. Satan throws everything at you because he can’t kill what God established. He can only inspire others to kill you or throw everything at you to make you throw in the towel. Suicide is not just killing yourself. It’s also giving up on your hopes and your dreams. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t let him manipulate you to commit suicide to your purpose, your destiny, and your life. You have so much to live and fight for. When he tries to manipulate you to give up, think about that and keep living.

Don’t let satan make you jump. Don’t fall prey to his lies.

The purpose God has for you. Is the reason, You’re alive.



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