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The older I get the more I realize we are all searching for a hero, For as long as I can remember, I was a fan of superhero’s. I’ve watched every Batman Movie, Spiderman, Ant

man, The green lantern, Static Shock,The incredible hulk and many more movies depicting

the amazing impact of superhero’s. I can honestly confess that I am a superhero fanatic. My favorite one of all time is Superman. He could do no wrong in my eyes, He could not be stopped. I subconsciously modeled my life after him. I saw him save so many people many and that created a false sense of reality in my life. Like many of his victims I found myself in need of help during dire circumstances. Those circumstances inspired me to search for hero’s in numerous forms. I pursued education, a nice job, the who’s, the what’s, the when’s, the where’s and the how to‘s. I woke up every morning like millions of you, and went to work, school, and followed all the how to’s to save me from the poverty I grew up in. I didn’t think I was doing anything special. I felt I was being a responsible adult like everyone else. I never knew that a pandemic could change all of that. In one year me and millions of others found out the hero’s we trust everyday could fail. Like Superman they all had a kryptonite.

During the downfall of these hero’s, I like many of you, I came under a lot of stress. It was clear that Covid had a domino effect on me and everyone else. I can’t speak for anyone else. But I knew at the time that something had to give. I recognized the job wasn’t enough, I recognized the education wasn’t enough. I recognized my relationship was not enough. I needed more than a hero. I needed a savior. The reality finally hit me that hero’s have limits. They are subject to failure.I found this out in a dark place. I was broken and needed more than the usual remedy. I was sitting at my desk at work and I felt the weight of the burden I was was bearing. Then I suddenly felt a surge of energy. The weakness I was feeling started to subside and all I could do is worship God, I felt the burden lift instantly. I was reminded who savior was. He came in and saved me from myself. SuddenIy the other hero’s looked insignificant. I stopped prioritizing school, work, my relationship and other things that had a possibility to fail me. I realized that stress I was dealing with, was a result of me not having a savior in my life. I was chasing too many hero’s and I wasn’t chasing the savior. I want you to learn from me. For those of you feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed chasing hero’s for limited success, stop what you are doing. This prayer dropped in my spirit for me and I want to share it with you. Say Aloud and watch God move like he moved for me.

Prayer to Combat Stress..

Jesus, I don’t have all the answers. In fact I am clueless right now. I’ve been stressed out of mind trying find the answers my own way. I have been stressed out depending on vulnerable hero’s to save me. I don’t need them, I need you. I need a savior, Save me from myself.

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