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There is always someone waiting.

For the chance to betray you.

Getting close enough to sway you.

With the intentions to play you.

Like David played Uriah.

While in pursuit of his wife.

He put him on the frontlines

For a war to take his life

I think he watched her before.

And he recognized his competition.

He knew about the annual war.

Then used it for his mission.

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She was on the roof bathing.

He knew the place and the time.

To get up and start gazing.

Because he knew she was fine.

He knew that he was royalty

He knew that he could use it.

He had Uriah's loyalty.

He had plans to abuse it.

Uriah fought for his honor.

Was loyal to the end.

Only to be killed by a man.

That he thought was a friend.

So let this be a reminder.

Some people just want to be you.

That's why they try to keep you.

Because your life is their vision.

They stay close just to see you.

Studying how to be you.

Because you are their competition.

1 Thessalonians 5:12

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