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This trending topic came to mind after a long uber ride yesterday. In route to the destination, I had a discussion with the passenger about relationships among other topics. She commented on her divorce saying "I did the right things for the wrong person". The comment really stuck with me. I told her in return "You didn't do it for the wrong person, You did the right thing because it was the right thing to do in that situation. Love can be risky like that.

When I think of love, I always think about the sacrifice christ made on the cross for us to have an opportunity to experience heaven. That has blessed me, but it also revealed how risky loving people can be. He died for people to have an opportunity that they are not obligated to take. He did the right thing, but people don't have to accept that opportunity. They can reject it and there's nothing he can do about it. I learned a long time ago that relationships are the same way. You can do everything right, but the other person isn't obligated to stay with you because you did. They can reject your love if they want to, and you have to live with it when or if they decide to do that. You have to have no regrets about it.

Here we have two people that appeared to be in a great relationship. I see everyone saying "But he opened up to her emotionally". I sympathize with him as a man for that. I know how much that hurts. But he was supposed to do that, so he should have no regrets for that. He has to live with the gamble it was to do that. But he did the right thing. She is not obligated to stay with him just because he did it though. This is the unpredictable nature of love. It doesn't matter how or what good you've done for anyone. They have a right to choose if it's not for them. Truth is, Sometimes longevity is the end result of love, and sometimes immediate or delayed rejection is the end result of love. You have to be prepared for either outcome.

Enspirational Lesson : In the end, we learn that even good relationships don’t promise you forever. Love hurts sometimes and you have to be ready when it does. Jesus showed love and he has to endure hurtful rejection everyday. But he has received his reward for that action. A lot of people you loved left for reasons that was best for them. I sympathize with the hurt you feel. But be encouraged knowing that you will receive your reward. You did the right thing by showing as much love as you could while they were in your life. You live with that and celebrate that. Love doesn't promise you forever, It doesn't always mean you'll stay together. But it does mean that you did the best you can do. Sometimes that's all you can do.


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