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Updated: Aug 25

A man told me about a date, that he says suddenly went bad. He met this lady, they went out to eat. It was their first date, and their last. He was excited in the beginning, things were off to a good start. But as the date was ending, Things slowly began to fall apart.

It all started when they met each other on the beach board walk. The sun was going down, darkness was setting in. He approached her, and it felt like the right place at the right time. He sparked a conversation with her. He said the vibe was great, it felt right. They ended up talking for a while as time was passing by. Before they knew it, they were smiling as they were enjoying each others company. The more they spoke, the more they seemed like a perfect fit. It continued to get interesting. Eventually, he offered to buy her something to eat. She said yes, and they went to a restaurant nearby. This was the beginning of the end.

They sat down and looked over the menu. After a few minutes, they chose their meals, . Things started to take a turn when he heard her mention she wanted to add an alcoholic beverage to her order. He immediately objected to pay for that part of her meal. ”I’m sorry, but I’m only paying for the food, and non alcoholic beverages” he said. She asked him for an explanation. ”I’m not paying for you to consume anything that will damage your body, If you want to drink alcohol, you would have to cover the cost for that “ He replied. She expressed that she disagreed with his stance and proceeded to order the alcoholic beverage anyway.

The food finally arrived, and they continued to get to know each other as they ate. At this moment, he thought that there was hope for their date. The joy came back again. He saw the spark was near. They both were smiling at each other, from ear to ear. After they finished their food. The waitress came back to pickup the dishes. She asked for the bill. Before the waitress went to get it, he stopped her to make a special request . “Please split the bill, I’m only paying for the food, I’m not paying for the Alcohol” he said. Needless to say her and the waitress seemed confused. “I‘m sorry, But I already told you I’m not paying for that, ” he said to his date. He stood his ground refusing to change his mind about this.

He said that she was disappointed because she had to pay for the beverage. “I felt like he should have paid for it, if he paid for the food“ she said. She went on to express that she felt he was throwing his weight around. ”It’s like it's your way or the high way” she said. So the date ended on a sour note because of that incident. Who do you think was wrong here?


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