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This road trip called life can be full of detours that often catch you by surprise. On my journey this weekend I had my own set of unfortunate circumstances that disrupted my plans. The chain of events still have me in disbelief. I had to drive down memory lane and it forced me to have an encounter with my past. I am still wondering what God was trying to show me.

It all started a few weeks ago when my computer crashed. I had to go to an apple store to get it fixed. I tried my best to choose an apple store that was away from the Miami area.

But in life, you can't always pick and choose where you want to go to get things done. I had

a dire need, and I had to cross counties to get my computer repaired. On Friday, I finalized the process in Kendall, Fl at the falls. This was a location I tried to avoid. But I had no choice. That moment was the beginning of a weekend full of adventures on memory lane.

On Saturday, I had to take my car to get serviced at the Toyota dealer in Hollywood, Florida. The service advisor informed me that I needed a new battery. He had none in stock. After calling around, I found out South Dade Toyota had the battery. This was the last place I wanted to be. South Dade Toyota is in Homestead, Florida. I have happy memories there that are tough to think about right now. But I had to hit the road anyway. There i was, driving down memory lane again for the second day in a row . I had no clue what was to come next.

It took an hour to get to the service center. I had to pass by every memory on the way.

I wasn't prepared for what happened later on. They finished my car in 20 minutes. As I finalized the payment, the service advisor behind me called a customer on the phone to

give them an estimate. Coincidentally, the customer's name was a familiar name to me. Every memory in that city was linked to that name. I started to look around for the candid camera at this point. I heard the advisor tell her to come in. I paid for my services and left.

I left there with a "What if" hanging over my head. But I chose to take a wise approach to

the situation. I could have stuck around to confirm if it was that person. But I understood

that it could have just been a coincidence. It's a common name. I also understood that getting that confirmation could have done more harm than good for me. So I chose to let

the situation teach me a lesson that I am passing on to you. Before this weekend. I feared memory lane. It's a road I have been trying to avoid. But sometimes you have to drive down that road, and there's nothing you can do about it. Be confident that God has a reason for that. He will either show you why at the time or show you why later. But be confident that he knows what he is doing. Trust that he will keep you sound during the process as well.


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