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Since I've been a ride-share driver, I’ve learned to prepare for the unexpected. Recently I met a rider, who had a story about rejection. When I saw that she was on crutches, I obviously knew that she hurt her leg. But when she told me how it was injured, I was shocked by what she said. A random man shot her because she rejected him 😡😡😡😡😡

It all started when she went to a neighborhood party with some friends. It was near an apartment complex that’s a well known hangout spot. Every week people in the community would gather there to have an un official block party. For the most part, It’s normally a peaceful gathering. But on this particular night, things didn’t turn out that way for her. In a matter of moments, She went from walking through the crowded party, to begging for her life.

As she walked through the crowd, He touched her to get her attention. In return, she responded like any woman would. She expressed her displeasure with his aggressive behavior, and rejected his advances. After she told him no, She proceeded to walk away. He said she had an attitude and threatened to hit her. She warned him she’d fight back. He left and returned with a weapon. Before she knew it, she heard gun shots coming her direction .

One of the bullets hit her in the knee. Leaving her in pain, and confused. She said “Why did you shoot me?”. Witnesses say that he never answered, he just stood over her to finish the job. But one of the older men nearby, came and told him to stop. The shooter left, and the older man called the cops. She’s thankful that her life was spared. But wonders if her nearby friends really cared. Because during the ordeal, they had nothing to say. I said be thankful, God spared you, and he showed you the people that really care for you at the same time.

But it's a shame that men have fragile ego's. I'm happy that she survived. But as a man, that part of the story that really irritates me. Rejection is never easy. But you have to prepare for it. Because everyone won't respond the way you want, & everything won't always go the way you want. Be prepared for it, and adjust and move on with your life. It's not the end of the 🌎


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