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Updated: May 6

Today I reconnected with a good friend of mine and it took me by surprise. Last year, we fell out because of a dispute about his upcoming wedding. He proposed and I was happy to be apart of the planning process. But certain things started to raise an eyebrow. When he proposed, There was a surprise visit from his ex and things got a little too complicated.

Years before he proposed, he was in a relationship with a friend of mine who I didn’t speak to for years after she got married. She contacted me after years of silence, hours before he proposed. I didn’t realize the coincidence at the time. So I thought nothing of it, and I said nothing about it. I didn’t tell her he was proposing and I did not tell him that she reached out to me. Hours later he posted his proposal video and sent me the link. I could not believe my eyes. His fiancé resembled his ex-girlfriend a lot. Not to mention her name was the same as his ex girlfriend's middle name as well. I was friends with both of them at the time. So all of this started to feel weird to me.It was so bad, I had to say something to the both of them about it and they laughed at the chain of events. They ended up reconnecting and tried to be friends. But they started to get caught up. They thought it was best for them to part ways.

I told them both they had a weakness for each other. When we reconnected, he told me he had no problem being honest about how he felt. But he wondered how I would perceive him if he took the appropriate action. I told him that I would not have judged him because I know how it feels when a man truly loves a woman. You can move on and date whoever you want to date after them. But your heart will still be with that person you gave it too no matter how long it has been. I fell in love once and she unapologetically still has my heart. Even after we broke up. I keep turning down opportunities to date again because I love her. My relationship with her was the first time I loved without limits. I believe only one person can motivate you to love like that. It was the first time I did it and I am okay with giving it to only that woman.

I have no desire to do that for anyone else. Like me, I believe my friend truly loves his ex girlfriend. I told the both of them that. When we reconnected , I told him to be true to himself. When you’re honest about who you really love, you won’t waste time with other relationships. When you loved someone deeply. They hold a place in your heart that is hard to fill when they are gone. They will be a weakness for you as long as they hold that place. You would always have a soft spot for them. It’s nothing to feel bad about. But it’s something to feel honest about. More importantly, it’s also something that you should stop and pray about.


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