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Updated: Jan 17

When your supervisor calls you in for a personal meeting, "what did I do?" is the first question that comes to mind. When I was notified about the meeting before Christmas, I spent my entire vacation preparing for war. After 2 long weeks, I returned to work on Tuesday to an email that made me concerned about my job status. With the meeting approaching the next day, I knew it wasn't going to go well. But I was prepared to go down swinging.

I arrived to the meeting the following day ready for war. The supervisors met with one of my co workers first. As I waited in the lobby for them to finish, I started to feel my nerves reacting to what was ahead. Then the moment finally came. They called me in and I sat down. I felt so prepared for what they were about to say. But I realized that I was not prepared at all. The meeting was more positive than expected. I walked in thinking I would've had to defend myself. But they gave me no reason to. They reminded me I was appreciated.

After numerous disappointments with previous management in the past, I assumed that I was going to have the same experience. But they did the complete opposite. They reassured me and gave me more confidence in them and myself. I left their feeling encouraged and not discouraged. I learned a valuable lesson about overreacting and assuming the worst. The conversation bought much needed healing to my work relationship with my employer. They assured me that my past bad experiences would not be apart of my future experiences.

A wise woman use to tell me to stop being hard on myself all the time. I don't think anyone overreacts more than me. But I thank God for this experience because it was another reminder for me to address the issue. It was a moment of healing for me in a much needed area. It was the moment I realized, I weathered the storm. No matter what you've been through in life. It’s more beneficial to stay positive than negative. God will never bring you through a bad experience, without intending for you to have a good experience in the future. If you are reading this, that means you survived your bad experiences. Therefore, a good experience is ahead. It may or may not be in the same place you had bad experiences. But no matter where it is, Keep looking forward to it and embrace it when they come to you.


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