Updated: Sep 23

When I was chosen to work a new job, It caught be by surprise. I didn't have to apply for it. I couldn't believe my eyes. I started from the ground up, the process was unique. I became the manager. After construction was complete. The job changed my life. In more ways than one. When I showed up to work one day. I fell in love before I was done. A new co worker came in. She instantly changed my life. This is what happened, when I first met my wife.

It all started when a property owner appointed me to manage a new establishment. It was a brand new apartment building. So It was completely uninhabited. I started working to help prepare it, Everything was going great. But the workload started to get to me. I began to feel the weight. So he hired someone else. Who later became a true treasure. But I never expected the new addition, to be the beginning of forever. Before I met her for the first time. Things seemed normal when I arrived. Then she walked in to work, and took me by surprise.

We introduced ourselves, and we started working together. I had to bring her up to speed. Training her was a pleasure. When I went to do new assignments, she was there for a lesson. That made work more exciting. So she was an instant blessing. But suddenly the work relationship, evolved into something more. The bond got stronger and stronger, It began to take on another form. It became unbreakable. She became unforgettable. It felt so incredible. Looking ahead was inevitable. Before the day ended, I had to make my move.

I told her "I was grateful, It was a pleasure working with you". She said "It was a pleasure for me as well. I feel the same way about you. I feel like I've known you forever. It was so hard to believe. I said "Yes I agree, But I know that this is not a dream. I noticed it from the start. You instantly grabbed my heart when I saw you. I knew God was writing a love story and now it's completed. No matter how crazy it seems. This was the beginning of Adam and Eve.


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