Updated: Nov 17

Research says there are 552,830 homeless people in the United States. One of them became well known in Chicago. Over time, his popularity soared to a point where everyone knew his name. He loved them and they loved him. They looked out for him. Always ready and willing to lend him a helping hand. One day a woman planned to give him some money the night before. She woke up expecting to give him cash like she usually does. But she didn't realize she had no cash to give until she went to him. After he realized, her plan to give was falling through, he said” It’s okay, I take debit cards too".Leaving the woman shocked.

She was understandably surprised that he said that. She had to see it to believe it. But what he did next made it abundantly clear. He pulled out his phone and there was a card reader attached to receive card payments. The story was so funny to hear. I couldn't hold back amusement while the rider told the story to me. After laughing uncontrollably, I said yeah "I was in a similar situation. Some homeless people are out here taking advantage of people. It's a real business for them and they’re determined to get paid by any means necessary.

I was reminded of a homeless one I came across in a similar situation. I dropped her off to her hotel with her 1 year old daughter. During the ride, She vented to me about her and her daughter's living situation. She said she needed assistance because she had to pay the hotel for another week the next day. I told her that I know someone that can help her. I connected her with the the person I knew to start the process. They gave her specific instructions to help her financially by helping her get a job. They also gave her options to help her living situation. She refused to follow the instructions and rejected the options. In return, she tried to demand the kind of help she wanted instead of taking the offered help

It's okay to want to help those in need. It's very rewarding to see them smile when they get the help they need. But I encourage you to always use discernment. Sometimes people are just trying to use you for their own agenda. Always keep these scriptures in mind. James 1:5 says to ask God for wisdom. Matthew 10:16 says use that wisdom against the wolves that's among the sheep. 1 Thesselonians says that anyone that's not willing to work, won't eat.


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