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When a man asks a woman to marry him, you'd think he knows what he's asking for. Apparently, a florida man was unaware. Love was too blind for him to remember the type of woman he proposed to. After dating for a long period, he decided to pop the question. She said yes, but realized it was one of the worst decisions she ever made. His past, haunted their relationship in the worst way possible. All of the love she had for him was gone in the blink of an eye.

This story came about in one of my ride-share adventures. It was a typical busy night during the holiday season. I picked a woman up and we had a 30-minute trip. During the long ride, we discussed different life experiences. I asked the mother of 2 about one of her craziest experiences. “If I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe it” she said. At this point of the ride, I became eager to find out what happened. So I asked her to proceed. She talked about a recent engagement she called off. When I found out the reason why, I couldn’t believe it. Her soon to be husband made a bizzar request. He asked her to be the Godmother, of his Ex-girlfriend's child.

Needless to say, I was shocked. I had to take a moment to process what I heard. I asked her how did she respond. “I flipped the bed over his head” she said. I chuckled at her response, as she went on to describe her anger in that moment. “The baby isn’t even his” she said. The nature of his request under the circumstances, nearly made me stop the car. “So what was his explanation for this level of audacity”, I asked. “He knows I’m a good mother , and a good godmother” she replied. But in this case, she concluded that he wanted to find a way to stay in her life. So he planned to use their marriage to be the God parents of his Ex-Girlfriends child. Needless to say, this revelation gave her a glimpse of their future. She saw no hope for them. The relationship started to gradually dissolve after that. Eventually, it became nonexistent. Was she wrong?

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