Updated: Jul 19

One of my riders took a shot at love, after she took some time to heal. But the shot was blocked by a tough experience, that seemed too bad to be real. She met a maintenance man, who was charming and sweet. He gave her more than she bargained for. His truth was playing hide and seek. But it couldn't play it anymore. He was exposed in an unusual way.

It all started when she needed a light bulb replaced in her apartment. She called him and he completed the job. Shortly after the completion, he asked her for her number. She gave it to him and they started to talk. As they got to know each other, things were looking up for them. But she went on the elevator one day and all of her hopes for a relationship with him came crashing down. Before the end of the ride, she found out that he was a happily married man.

The elevator ride that day turned into an emotional roller coaster. Like most elevator rides, she was accompanied by another rider. The elevator broke down leaving them stranded. She suggested to press the emergency button in the elevator to call the fire department. But the woman in the car with her had a better resolution. "My husband can probably help us, he does repairs in our apartment all the time" she said. So she called him to come save the day.

To her surprise, her husband was the same maintenance man she gave her number too. The awkward encounter left he stunned when they saw each other. The incident went on without her exposing him. So he basically got a pass for it. She in return just took the situation as a lesson and stopped talking to him altogether. But she said that she was embarassed about it. I told her there's no reason to be embarrassed. He didn't tell you the truth about him. So God uncovered it for you. God obviously cares for you. You're Blessed.

En-spirational Lesson : Disappointment will sneak up on you and it will break your heart. But in the end, it put's you in, a position for a perfect start. God loves you enough to show you red flags. Just for your protection. So you can take heed, then follow his lead. To get away from the deception. Jesus Loves you and he will do anything to protect you from all harm.


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