Updated: Nov 25

As I approached thanksgiving this year, there was no happy in my holidays. It was really depressing for me this time around. It seems like it gets worse every holiday season. I was feeling hurt, depressed and needed some encouragement. On the brink of a mental break down, struggles were consuming my mind. But God sent encouragement at the perfect time.

Everyone who know's me, know that I work a lot. This year I found myself feeling really down about it. Thanksgiving was another work day. I left home extremely frustrated about clocking in. But shortly after I started, God sent an angel my way to give me some much needed encouragement. She was a spirit airlines flight attendant. I picked her up to drop her off to the airport. As we approached the destination, she asked me about my thanksgiving. I told her it was really tough because I could not enjoy it due to me working all the time. Before the end of the trip, she told me to not be down about it. She said "You're doing what you have to do. I worked 3 jobs at one point to survive, keep doing the best you can. As she arrived to her terminal, she got out of the car and said "Have a great day, I'm going to pray for you".

God knew I needed that and it came right on time. The moment really lifted my spirits. I drove away thinking about the importance of counting the blessings that are in front of me. I started to appreciate the small things. The blue skies, the breeze, the leaves and the trees, all started to put things in perspective. Being thankful for what I have became more important than what I don't have. A Connecticut man named Adam Osmond learned he should have done that the hard way. He was a millionaire, but that wasn't enough to keep him happy. He played the lotto thinking he had a chance to win it all. But while he was playing to win millions. He lost a million. He ended up having to put the pieces of his life back together.

He told market watch that he was a successful gas station owner of 2 gas stations before he hit rock bottom. He lost everything trying to play and win lotto. Greed was his addiction and it caused him to lose it all. He eventually bounced back after getting treated for it. Now he's an accountant, warning us all to not fall in the same trap he fell in. He did not appreciate what he had. He didn't count the blessings he had in front of him. He was counting the blessings he had in his fantasy. You can learn from his mistake. You can learn from the mistake that nearly made me depressed. I wasn't happy about what was in front of me until after that ride.

Timothy 6 : 6-10. Be content with what you have or what you don't have will cause you stress that will be hard to eradicate. If you love or obsess over chasing money, you'll never be happy with what you have just like the man above. You will never be happy just like I was before I met the rider. Pursue money to take care of yourself, don't pursue it to obtain wealth. If you have a decent job, that means God provided the means for you to take care of yourself. Thank God for giving you the life, health, and strength that you need for you to do it.


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