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Updated: May 6

Recently after work, I went to a marathon gas station in Hollywood,Fl for some chips. I expected a smooth experience. But shortly after arrival, I realized those expectations wouldn’t be met. As I approached the register, the store clerk yelled a racial slur and I was infuriated. I made sure I put in the effort for him to feel the consequences of his actions.

It all started when I walked in to this Sheridan Marathon gas station to get some chips . Upon arrival, I went to get them. As I searched, I overheard a tense conversation between the cashier and a customer. The cashier was accusing the African American consumer of trying to use a counterfeit bill for a purchase. The frustrated customer asked me to help. But there was nothing I could do. From that moment on, things spiraled out of control.

I proceeded to go to the register with my items as the annoyed customer headed toward the exit. But the automatic doors were malfunctioning. For some reason, they wouldn’t open for him to leave. I immediately assumed that the cashier was trying to lock him in. He likely assumed the same. So he decided to force the automatic doors to open. The cashier in return yelled “You fucking nigger” as he walked out to his car. Needless to say, the moment had me speechless. I was in disbelief because he was smart enough to say it when the customer couldn’t hear him. But he was dumb enough to say it while I was standing there.

So I said “Are you serious?”. Then he went on ranting about the price tag to fix the door. I said ‘I understand you don’t want the door damaged, But call the police to handle it. I’m an African American too. So that’s also disrespectful to me”. The lack of remorse for his actions forced me to respond. I politely took the items back to the shelf and headed toward the exit. As I walked out, I respectfully told him ”You don’t deserve my hard earned money. I will not spend it here anymore. I left there with no desire to return to their establishment.

The experience reminded me there are a lot of ignorant people in this world. In this unpredictable life, you'll will meet many people that will respect you, and you’ll meet many people that will not respect you. But maintain your composure and walk away. Don’t sacrifice your character stooping to their level of ignorance. My peaceful response to this is to boycott that gas station. But I will also strive to treat people with dignity and respect. I hope this inspires you to do the same. God Bless You.


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