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I have been hearing that we're in the last days for as long as I can remember. I look around in society today, and discouragement overflows my heart. There is so much easy access to negativity. Temptation is everywhere, and if you are not alert, you will fall to the persuasive devices of the enemy. The encounter Jesus had with temptation proved that it is bold and confident. It does not know who can resist it or not. It approaches you to pull down your defenses slowly and methodically, and it will use what I like to call "True Lies" to break you down. There are so many stories in the bible where it succeeded using the same strategy. So it's vital to biblically study those scenarios to observe destructive patterns in real life to be alert to that strategy. Satan does not just use temptation to approach you unless he is confident that it can succeed. He studies your pattern and gradually breaks down your defenses to make you compromise.

David studied the pattern of Bathsheba's family to succeed with his plans. Satan studied the pattern of Adam and Eve to know who to approach for success. Those incidents did not just happen in one shot. There was a buildup of temptational encounters that eventually led to compromise. Satan tried to approach Jesus the same way. He watched and waited for the moment when he thought Jese was weak. He later discovered that he was strong enough to resist. Which ended up giving us the formula to overcome temptation. Although it revealed a formula for victory. It also revealed the formula for satans approach. Satan only sends temptation your way when you are weak.

Your level of weakness will eventually determine if you can resist temptation or not. Speaking for myself, I am realizing from my own patterns why temptation gets the best of me. I pray that you can learn from my mistakes. The brain was designed to absorb information and send signals to the rest of your body. It will absorb what you allow it to absorb. So you have to be mindful of what you expose your brain to. If it's not absorbing something that will strengthen you. It's absorbing something that will weaken you. So it's important to control what you allow to feed your mind. Be selective about the content you watch or read moving forward.

Don't just put on the armor of God. Keep it on permanently by using wisdom. Continue to be mindful of what you expose yourself to. That is how you put on the armor of GOD. Every time you reject the opportunity to hear gossip or other forms of negativity, Every time you try to stay away from negativity, Every time you eat right and take care of your body, You are putting on that armor of GOD. You are choosing to stay away from things that will gradually weaken that armor to the point where you're defenseless. Keep your Guard up.



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