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Updated: Aug 4

Lately my experiences put question marks in my path. I had no reason to smile.

I had no reason to laugh. I found myself asking who, what, when, where and why.

I found myself wondering if I saw the truth or a lie. I found myself loving, then hating the next minute. I found myself starting something, that I was too afraid

to finish. I found myself choosing, between winning and losing. I found myself caught up in the illusion of confusion. All of my thoughts had me mentally incarcerated. My mind was full of thoughts, that had my heartbeat racing. The moment you get to that place, is the moment you have to stop, look, and listen.

Your mind will play tricks on you. You have to find out the influence behind

every thought. I don't know if there is anyone that overthinks more than me.

I can’t tell you how many timesMy first thought wasn’t my best thought. Even

when the first thought was good. Lately on my journey to becoming a better version of me. I began to analyze my own behavior and I saw something I

didn’t like. I didn’t like how I manage my emotions.I personally take myself

on a emotional roller coaster. That’s a horrible way to live. When situations

arise, I'd literally be on that roller coaster all the time, dealing with the highs

and lows. During that time, I say a lot of things that I wish I could take back.

But even though it’s too late. You can learn from my mistakes. If you learn

to calm down and settle your mind. Everything will be fine.

My personal trial and error experiences have confirmed that good and bad thoughts can both backfire in your life. They can both be signs that your mind is playing tricks on you and you have to beware of those signs before they trap you. I remember a time recently when I thought changing my number was a good idea to protect myself. Words can't explain the level of regret that I felt after making that decision. It made everything worse. Fortunately, I was able to change it back to get my life back on track. My mind was playing tricks on me in that moment.

There are also many scenarios where I witnessed good decisions seem bad.

A friend of mine was going through stress at work. I witnessed the stress first hand. She wanted to quit, She knew it was the right decision, but she struggled to do it, fearing her professional reputation would be stained. The enemy started intimidating her through her emotions. Telling her it would destroy her image. I watched her type the resignation email. Once she finished, She struggled to send. I grabbed the phone and sent the message for her. The enemy will use your emotions to manipulate you and you have be on guard.

When it comes to your mind, you have to stop and consider who is the author of what you are thinking about. The result of what you are thinking about normally reveals who the author is. If that thought caused or can cause confusion, then Satan is the author of that thought. I found out changing my number caused confusion in my life. If I stopped and considered the domino effect of that decision before I made it, I would not have made it. My friend fearing her professional reputation was a thought to bring her confusion. Satan tempting jesus was an attempt to bring him confusion. Satan spoke to eve to start confusion and that is exactly what followed. He sowed a seed of confusion in her mind. Your mind will never be able to play tricks on you if you stop and consider the source of your thinking. Stop and evaluate what your thought will lead too. Stop and think about what that thought is trying to prevent. Jesus had a thought of confusion before he went to the cross. He had every reason to be afraid and satan used that emotion to try to stop him from saving you and I. But god reassured him who he was. That is the key to overcoming the illusion of confusion. God's word can counteract every thought that the enemy will bring to your mind.


Father God in the name of Jesus I come before you, I acknowledge and I

believe that Jesus Christ set me free and delivered me on the cross. I

enforce satans defeat on the cross. I was delivered, healed and set free

on the cross. I am a believer. I believe that Jesus Christ set me free on the

cross. Let your will be done on the earth as it is in heaven. I acknowledge

and recognize ever sin that I have accepted in my lifeI have accepted lies

and thoughts of the enemy. Right now I repent with all my heart. Forgive me

lord for given place to the enemy. I take my territory. I take back my mind.

My mind is the mind of christ. I renounce any thoughts of anxiety, worry,

sexual thoughts, escapism, doubt, confusions, stress, erratic sleep pattern.

I renounce every evil thought and I take captive every thought to the

obedience of christ. I renounce every traditional mindset In Jesus Name.


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