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One of the challenges that stand in our way in life is the word no. The power people hold in their hands to decided if you will be something or not shapes and molds our reality. We want the best, But we fear that we will never have the best. We want life, But fear that we will never have it abundantly. The no’s in the past, keep us in a state of fear about the present and the future. I was at that place recently when I feared the word no because of the past. A friend of mine challenged me to do something and I burst into tears when he asked me. I was fearing rejection, fearing I would look like a fool if the challenge did not work out in my favor. I wanted the prize the challenge had to offer but I was afraid of the possibility of failure. My personal failures in the past had me in a state of paranoia. I was desperately running from rejection. My friend was believing in me, But I wasn’t believing in myself. Moses was at that place when God told him to do an impossible task. God believed in him in spite of his short comings. Moses knowing his imperfections on a personal level kept telling God about them. No matter how much God believed in him, he didn’t believe in himself. He grew up hearing that he was inadequate, He was told what he couldn’t do all of his life. Told he was too stupid to succeed. There’s a little Moses in all of us. There is a part of us that fears pursuing something because a no is a possibility. So we stay in our miserable comfort zone.

We don’t focus on believing in ourselves like god and others believe in us. We would rather be miserable not trying at all.I was in that place recently so I can relate. I wanted something but I became comfortable with being miserable. I was determined to not even try. I became stubborn and defensive about it, and“what if” was hanging over my head. The enemy had me in a state of fear thinking that a previous attempt did not work. To my surprise the previous attempt was not done correctly. The previous attempt was sent to the wrong contact information. That is important because it indicated that all of this time, I was fearing rejection based on a lie. This is how the enemy keeps us in a state of fear. We don’t run away from rejection, We run away from the possibility of rejection. In most cases the possibility is based on a lie or our own insecurities. The lie tells you this pursuit will be like the others. It tells you it will fail this time like the previous attempts. That may be true, But stop and think about this, If failure is a possibility, then success Is also a possibility as well. You pursue it because of the possibility of success. That pursuit doesn’t promise the success, But it promises to build a fearless mentality. You will develop a mentality that is so excited about a yes, you won’t fear the word no. I had to stop being intimidated by the word no. That is the message for you today. Somebody somewhere believes in who you are but you fear rejection from everyone else outside of them. Get a surfboard and ride in the wave of faith that people who believe you have created. Don’t be intimidated by the word no. No matter how many times you tried in the past. Every attempt is helping to develop fearless habits to get the yes you desire.

Now let me be very clear, I am in no way saying chase something bad. I am saying chase something good. Chase something positive, and worth chasing. Chase something you were told you did‘nt deserve. Chase everything the enemy tried to tell you not to pursue. Pursue the things that build you and fill you. There’s a purpose in the pursuit, and it’s not always the prize you think it is. But there is a prize, The prize is “confidence “, You”ll never loose in this kind of pursuit because this is where you“ll develop fearless faith. This is where the word no will never be intimidating in your life. That’s the place you need to be.

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