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This photo is a visual display of forgiveness. These two have incredible talent that put them in a positive financial position. But their legacy was always tied to a beef they once had. As the grew older they started to evolve into better men. They realized how that image affected who they became and they made a decision to not let un-forgiveness rain on their parade.

I almost allowed un-forgiveness to rain on mine. It’s the third month of the year, and I am still amazed at what God has been doing in my life. A lot the great things started happening. I have been seeing the favor of God, and it It all happened at the right time. But there have been moments when they were hard to celebrate. Un-forgiveness has been raining on my parade. It was making me miserable when I should have been happy about what God is doing. So I have been practicing how to forgive more. I use to say that forgiveness sounds a lot easier than it is. But I’m implementing a method that has made it a lot easier. It started the moment I realized that people who struggle to forgive, all have one thing in common. They all spend more time finger-pointing at others, when they could be focusing on themselves.

We have all been offended some time in our lives. In most cases, We have a good argument to support our finger-pointing. But I had to realize that kept me repeating a cycle of bitterness. I spent so much time and energy reminding them and myself about the offense. It all revealed that I held my offenders to a standard of perfection that I can’t uphold myself. I expected people to be perfect by doing everything right by me, as if I always do right by other people. I had to stop and observe how imperfect I was, and sympathize. When you choose to not forgive, you’re choosing to be an imperfect person, pointing the finger at the imperfect people who offended you. The adulterous woman was not perfect. When the Pharisees tried to stone her for her imperfections, Jesus reminded them of theirs. When Jonah tried to highlight the imperfections of the people of Nineveh, God reminded him of his own. When I tried to point out the imperfections of others. God reminded me I have my own.

With that being said, I now have a better understanding of what forgiveness is. It’s acknowledging that you are too imperfect to judge people that are imperfect. It’s reminding yourself that you are just as imperfect as your offender. We all offend God every day without knowing, and sometimes we do know. We have to give our offenders the same grace he gives us when we offend him. When people let you down, that’s a sign that they aren’t perfect. That's a sign that they need Jesus just as much as you do. We are all trying to get it right. Keep that at the front of your mind before you start throwing stones at people that caused you offense. Take the beam out of your own eye and becoming better, not bitter. Also, pray for them to become better as well. Don’t let un-forgiveness rain on your parade.

Prayer: "Lord Help me to stay focused on letting you shape and mold me. Help me to not get so offended, until I forget the errors of my ways. Help me give my offenders the same grace you have given me when I hurt you. I am no better than them. Help me give them the same love you give me. As you heal me, heal them, as you fill me, fill them. As you love me, Love them. In Jesus name I pray, Amen


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