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As we celebrate March, I reflect on a February season that was one to remember. A month that was full of sadness that I thought would never end. It was too terrifying to think or talk about about until now. It all started while I was Ubering and I picked up a female passenger. It was a normal ride until she started talking about her divorce. You'd think she was happy because it was over. But she was anything but that. During the ride, I did my best to provide support within my limitations. But when I heard her door open, I knew a tragic situation was unfolding. She was committing to leaving and never coming back again. The end was near, there was no turning back.

I dropped her off at the airport to fly back home to her family. Her life as a wife was officially ending. She was one of many who I met last month, who expressed deep regret. For a relationship, that they wished they could forget. 3 other friends feel the same. One is ashamed, they went back. They said that the mistake, made their life go off track. One is a tired wife, who told me sooner or later. She will head to the courthouse to sign the papers. One said they're giving up. They said to me "I'm done". I said, "Yeah I feel you, when it comes to love, now I run". Because my ex has my heart. It feels like that's God's purpose. So I'm running until it's ready, to go to another person. So love was not in the air. I asked God "Why is this so common". He led me to his word, then I realized the problem. Our understanding is so demanding, it's either matchmaking or deal-breaking in many relationships.

I thought about Adam and Eve and it all made sense to me. God put them together. They were meant to be. But they let their understanding corrupt their relationship. Before that mistake, they had nothing to worry about. God paired them together, without asking for it to give him any input. That means there was no influence by their type, preference, money, or approval. They didn’t have to search for each other, on social media or Google. God authored their love story. But at some point, they wanted to write it themselves. They tried it, and set the blueprint, for future relationships to fail. Now society follows their path. People are constantly demanding. True love that’s based on, their understanding. They want love that's influenced, by their preference, money, or approval. They are actively searching for it, on social media or Google. Their type is only right. They're praying, and searching for it. Popping balloons, and working for it. Some of them are even twerking for it. They crave to have the freedom to choose, They want control to live by their rules. But that was never God's intention for this process.


God used Adam and Eve to set a blueprint for relationships. He knew what Adam needed before Adam knew it. Then he made the best decision for him. Adam didn't decide he wanted a wife. God decided to give him one. Eve didn't decide she wanted a husband. God decided to give her one. So this is the blueprint. Let God decide if marriage is for you or not. Nobody is stopping you from doing it on your own. But you tried before, and now you're alone. So the results speak for themselves. The heart is too deceitful to trust for life-changing decisions. We need God's input and direction.


In conclusion, don't let your understanding overtake you. If you read this and you realize, it made you choose the wrong relationship. Prepare to get out. Ask God to give you the strength to leave, because it will never be right. If you read this it will destroy the right relationship. Go make it right if you have the opportunity. If you're guilty of both. Strive to not be guilty again. Don't try to write your love story, Please let God use his pen. Because If you're the matchmaker. You will likely be mismatched.



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